App is crashing after a few minutes of use. Any suggestions?

The app is crashing when processing just a single small file. I ran the troubleshooting, but it didn’t fix the problem. It usually crashes in the first few minutes of use during some kind of processing. It doesn’t always crash at the same point. I’m a clueless newbie and just downloaded the app for the first time. Please help.

What computer are you using? CPU and GPU?

CPU, but I can’t tell if my graphic card is compatible. My desktop is newer and it’s definitely compatible but I have an older lap top and the graphic card may not meet the requirements. :frowning:
It’s an Intel HD 620. I upgraded the RAM and got a SSD but the graphic card is integrated. Bummer. Can I install the Photo AI in two computers?

Yes you can install and use it on 2 different computers.

Could be the gpu. You need 4gb vRAM at least, 8gb for some functions such as the remove tool.

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