App has been causing computer to crash repeatedly since update to 3.2.3

Any one else have the software crash even causing multiple blue screens since updating to 3.2.3?

Has not yet happen to me with the 3.2.3 but with the latest beta version before that completely froze my Windows 11 twice and ended up with a Windows bluesceeen once. The team investigated the log files but was not yet able to find the solution so we will continue keeping an eye on it.


Check window’s EventLog. Probably there is ffmpeg memory leak detected but not prevented.
Had similar problem with 3.2.2 till replaced Windows Pro by Windows Pro for Workstations. After windows replaced got event about “potential memory leak in ffmpeg.exe”.
Only Proteus model causes it.

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I have the same problem, I monitored the issue on my pc & it turns out that topaz usage is heavy on the cpu causing the cpu to overheat & shut down(as a safety measure).

It has happened since I updated a while ago. Now it is a losing gamble just to use it now where I might be lucky enough to churn out a movie before my pc shuts down due to overheating.

My pc has exceeded the recommended settings, yet the problem still persists even though it was not like that before the update.

I contacted customer service about the issue, and they told me (the typical bs) that I might need a new pc even though my pc is not even 2 years old.

maybe turn off intel turbo boost to keep the cpu cooler by going into the power saving settings of windows, choose your power profile, go into the detailed settings and set the cpu usage to 99 %. this will prevent the cpu from going into turbo boost mode!

@tommymaples This is the wrong section. I moved to bug.

Are you still having this issue with v3.2.5? If so, I will need your logs and system profiles :slight_smile: @joseph.fisher-5705 Can you post your specs? The age of the machine is not always the issue, often it has more to do with specs than the age of the machine unless of course the machine is very outdated.

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