App does not work after shutdown

I installed the app and it worked perfectly. Then I closed it and opened it again the next day and it no longer responded to taps.
When I click “open image” I select the image I want and nothing happens. If I click on that button again the image appears. But Autopilot will not load. If I click on it again. The autopilot will load a little bit. Only when I click on the “open image” button something happens. I can’t save anything and I can’t work either. The app reinstalled and used two versions . Every time the situation the same.
Instruction how-to-delete-your-plist-file-on-mac did not help, no such files were found :frowning:
The problem fixed reinstalling the application before the first close

I record bug problem
https ://

Topaz Photo AI v2.0.7 2.1.1
MacOs Monterey 12.6.3

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