App crashes when high resolution picture is edited

I just purchased your product and the very big disadvantage is the app (Photo AI, Denoise, Gigapixel and Sharpen) crashes every time when trying to edit high resolution file (above 50 million). Sometimes when editing is successfull, app srashes trying to save the result. It happens at any processor settings (CPU, Auto or GPU) on three different machines.
This issue makes your product useless…

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Any help?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, however this is a user forum

Please ask support by clicking on the little bubble on the main website or scrolling to the bottom of any page including this and clicking on support

Hope this helps

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately there is no other possibility to contact Topaz staff, links on the main page open Topaz Docs site… I couldn’t find any e-mail address or contact form…

Hi Marek. Sorry for the confusion however if you go back to the link, you’re notice there are in fact two Tabs at the top.

The one you were on was Answers (for most asked questions), the Tab you want is ASK this takes you to support

Apologies again

Yes, I see, but whenever I use “Contact Form” from the menu Support or “Conatct Us” from the footer, it takes me to the Topaz Docs site…

Hi again Marek. I’ve just tried it myself by clicking on the Support link at the bottom of this page and I can assure you it works from my end because I was able to send a message

Are you by any chance using a V.P.N. or some kind of blocker on your system that’s preventing the link from working properly

If you’re on your Laptop or PC, then please try your Phone or Tablet, same goes if you’re using your phone then please try your PC or Apple.

Other than that I’m sorry I don’t know

I do hope you’re able to resolve this issue, in the meantime I’ll try and think of any other solutions

Hello Marek. Here’s the reply I received from Topaz Support

Hi and thanks for reaching out.

We have received your help request, and one of our support agents will personally review it and respond as soon as possible.

We generally respond within 8 business hours and our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (CST). We are closed on weekends and major US holidays.

Thank you,
Topaz Labs Customer Support Team

The links definitely work

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Thank you for your time, I’ll try.

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