API for how noisy / shaky a video is

I use Topaz on the command line and use different models depending on how noisy or shaky the video is.

It would be amazing to have an API that I can use that characterizes the overall noise in the video so I could decide what to use programmatically. Just using auto on nyx doesn’t really work for me. I switch between nyx and proteus depending on noise level.

Same goes for shakiness / motion blur, but less important than noise.

We had a discussion on this topic a month or so back. Might be worth a look.

It contains a command for getting what I think you’re asking for, but not for “shakiness”, only “noise” (defects).

Thanks! I hadn’t seen that. I can actually make use of what you posted since I’m also using python to kick off ffmpeg with custom settings. Very neat. I’ll see if it’s helpful to fold that into my workflow.