Anyone notice how poor the image improvements are?

Love the app, use it everyday for processing 100+ photos in bulk, but every now and then, I get low resolution photos that this software now doesn’t do a great job improving the quality.

Frustratingly, I use a couple other online apps, and the output is significantly better.

I just don’t remember the difference in outputs being so poor compared to the competition, I switched from those platforms to this bulk ‘local’ processing version 18 months ago.

Maybe its the competition just upping their game.

I’ve checked my settings, and there isn’t really any improvements I can adjust.

Just sharing feedback, that the competition, seem to be offering a much better job in photo enhancement, would love you to fix this.

It would be great if you could share some examples here.

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yeah agreed, I’m in a funeral order of service niche so not appropriate to share family photos.
I just wondered if anyone had noticed a drop in general enhancement, if there were plans to improve this. No worries, the upscaling is fine, but compared to competition, the overall enhancement for me has taken a bit of a nosedive. I’ll park Topaz and revisit down the line if things improve.

Thanks all the same

I have found that most of the time, poor image results from TPAI are caused by “AutoPilot.” However, in many cases, these issues can be resolved through manual adjustments.

You don’t have to share your private photos. Instead, you can randomly select an image from the internet and demonstrate how other online apps provide significantly better results. I believe many users here would be happy to try out those online apps too.


maybe make the pixel size of the source image smaller to bring the pixel density closer to the detail density. this might help the trained a. i. to work on the material.

I’ve found Photo AI in general to be substandard to Gigapixel. Have you tried gigapixel? I don’t know if it’s all the “smart” controls or whatever but almost always when I move over to Gigapixel I always get better output. It just seems like less hassle in Gigapixel than to experiment with Photo AI.

HMM, I wonder if Topaz spun out that feature then, because everything Gigapixel is doing, used to be done so well by photo AI, bit cheeky if they’ve done that.

I have to agree too, I don’t have the time to be experimenting with deff settings, I’ve jumped ship to another service, does what it says on the tin, what Topaz used to do anyway.

Thanks for all your replies folks, shame I can’t stick with this tool, it was such a promising system, I wonder if their focus on ‘lifetime’ subscription models, with ‘pay for updates’ annually is a mistake, personally, I’m happy to pay monthly for a service, If I know the dev’s are invested and wanting to support a project because of a decent monthly income.

Could be nothing to do with that.

All the best. T