Anyone having a problem with Topaz Photo AI ver 2?

Installed the new version this morning. Using the desktop version I opened a Jpeg image, the software reviewed the image and when it had completed that it crashed immediately. Not good.

Are you processing images with faces by any chance? There was a bug with our Face Recovery model for v2.0.0 that will be fixed for v2.0.1 this Thursday. Please update when that’s available and that should stop the crashing.

Let me know if you aren’t processing photos with faces in them.

I wrote the help desk and sent them the logs associated with the problem. (Yes the images I was using it on had faces.)

Lingyu Kong responded and described the problem. Then I was sent a beta version to test, it worked, I reported that it worked and was told the new version would be released Thursday.

Thanks for the help.

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