Any Support for Windows Arm/Snapdragon Coming?


I just got a new Surface Laptop 7 with the Snapdragon X processor, but I was wondering if Topaz plans to add support in the form of ARM binaries? Is it possible to take advantage of the NPU to accelerate the work? I’m a customer of Gigapixel, so it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

The installer itself checks for native AVX support on the cpu. I would not be surprised if once instaled it would actually run, since Windows can emulate that support.

Yeah, there is indeed the Prism emulation, but that appears to be more inefficient than a native binary, especially in terms of battery life and performance.

it’s not much at this point but Topaz Labs customer support said they’re looking into it. so at least it’s not a definitive no.

So I tried installing Gigapixel AI on my Surface Laptop, and it would not because it could not detect a CPU with AVX support.

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would love to see ARM versions of these software. while Denoise AI and Sharpen AI work, Gigapixel doesn’t.

Older gigapixel versions do work as well

Like 6.3?

Trying to find an installer, but they don’t seem to make it easy.

Denoise works but is DREADFULLY slow, 5 to 7 minutes per CR3 rawfile on my Vivobook S15 with 32gb ram, a native version of Topaz AI and I would upgrade to it :wink:

BTW Adobe AI denoise is not any better

Would be awesome to hear from Topaz about when to expect something / anything. Is an ARM version a huge amount of work so it will be some time? Just a recompile and test? Please talk to us.