Another World

Took these shots in Shropshire last week and wanted to give them an old-world look. The preset I developed works quite well but I do not like the artefacts AI-Remix leaves around the edges of the buildings against the sky.


Love these!

Did you try painting out the AIRemix artifacts with a color overlay as described in Greg Rostami’s webinar? The technique was on the vase of flowers but also on the sketch of the leopard.

I know I could have removed the artefacts using one of several ways, and if the images were for use other than in this forum I would probably have done so, but the point is that maybe ‘AI’ should not really be creating them in the first place. Something for the code-crunchers to look into, methinks.

Since Remix totally mixes up the pixels, I guess I misunderstood your point lol.

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I’m using less than 10% of AIRemix on this preset so I guess the Remix part of the Adjustment is doing its job but the AI bit seems to have gone to sleep. Should the effect cross clear boundaries like this? Maybe a new slider is needed that will control the amount of edge bleed.

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Interesting conversation Ray. If not a slider to control the amount of edge bleed, maybe a radius control similar to applying Gaussian Blur in PS. I suspect we’ll be masking it out for quite a while though lol.

I agree with you Ray. AI Remix almost always creates either halos or artefacts. Hope they can fix these eventually.

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