Another Trio of Monochromes

Hi Everyone,

These are three more from my October afternoon in St Paul. All done with LR, Adjust, and B&W Effects. Also used a little DeNoise because all were shot at ISO 800; I wanted good depth-of-field and fast shutter since I was shooting handheld in shade.

Thanks for looking and best regards


love the curves and angles … very nicely captured and processed

Nice. I particularly like the last one.

Thankyou @ShazzyCo @Mond

I was on my way back to the car and shot about half a dozen photos as I passed through this area. These images are part of the Union Depot in St Paul. The third image is from the abandoned riverfront side while the first two are on the backside of that same structure along the street leading the current parking ramp. Here’s another from the abandoned side.


Very nice… the first image is my fav,