Another Crash during bulk processing

So sorry to report another crash. I was in the middle of processing 58 downloaded jpegs in TPAI 2.1.0 when the program crashed and exited to my desktop. The previews were looking absolutely wonderful (aside from a few adjustments for over-compensating for compression artifacts), so I was frustrated to see the half-hour of work go to waste.

If I remember correctly, the program was running the new erase tool on an image when it crashed.

The machine is a Studio Mac with M2 Ultra, running Sonoma 14.0.

You might need to send them your log file of the incident. See:

And write a thread in the appropriate Bugs and Issues category.

Good luck!

Thanks. I read this after sending another crash just now. I don’t write here very often, so I’m unfamiliar with the protocols. I appreciate the information.