Another Classic Vehicle

A 1948 Tucker which was bought by the owner of the Maine Car Classic Museum for $1.8 million. The SOOC shot with just an added vignette. Notice the third headlight, which rotated as the car went around turns.


One of my favorite movies.


Very nice capture and processing, enjoying these shots from the museum

I agree with @Ma3rk. about the movie


How much was your offer Flick? …


Beautiful shiny old car…i love it.

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Thanks for your comments, Mark, Ken, Bob, and Marty. I had completely forgotten about the movie, but of course I’ve completely forgotten most everything, but looking back at it, it was as challenged to make as Tucker’s career with cars. Since I saw the vehicle I had been thinking that Howard Hughes was somehow involved with Tucker, so glad to have that reinforced. I’ve put the movie on my see-list.

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Definitely a must see flick, Flick.

And yes Hughes was involved, wonderfully portrayed by Dean Stockwell. I’m hoping to go see the Spruce Goose in the next week of so since it’s only ~ 12 miles away now.

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