Annoying emails from Topaz

Dear Topazlabs,

It’s not a big deal, but when you have time it would be nice if you could have a look at your automated email protocol and stop sending order confirmation emails to customers who didn’t order anything.

The latest such email that I received from you had the subject line “Your Topaz Studio order from December 15, 2017 is complete”. As always, it listed the price as $0.00. All I did on that day was to start Topaz Studio, check my version number (1.5.3) and check for updates. I didn’t install the available update.

Thanks for listening

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I get these every once in a while and assumed they were something to do with the incorporating of the Topaz plugins into Studio. In other words they are confirmation that a plugin I previously purchased is now part of Studio and (most importantly) I don’t have to pay for it. But you’re right - it is a little confusing.

I also got one yesterday - probably for Glow as it is now included in the latest release of Studio.

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I receive me too the email confirmation and i am glad that they said to me that Topaz Labs honor for the free update plugins that i bought and now integrated in new Studio ! NB: sorry for my so so English !

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From what I was told by Topaz… you are right. It happens when they make a plugin available in Studio if you have previously purchased it.

My question is… I have purchased Glow over a year ago and I haven’t received an email?
Maybe it’s because I haven’t updated to the newest version yet?

Just received one of these emails today also.

We’re working on improving these emails. The first stage was adding an explainer section at the top of the email that answers the most common questions we’ve been getting surrounding purchases.

The next stage will be to show appropriate information, based on the order type (free upgrade vs paid order).

These order confirmation emails are the most concrete way to assure you’re getting your free update. We’re going to keep our free update promise, even if we nag you a bit to remind you that we’re updating you for free. If we don’t nag you, then most customers ask where their update is. The more information we can provide, the easier it is for us to support questions you might have.


Joe, you may already know this but the email says order details below but the details are blank so we don’t know which product is being upgraded. The product field is blank.

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Right – that’s the next stage we need to work on. We’re going as quickly as we can =]