Animal Faces

  Don’t know whether this can really be said to count as a true bug (that is, an insect of the order Hemiptera, or just an expected limitation.

  See the file (not that I uploaded earlier) that I just sent to your DropBox.

  Sometimes, Photo AI detects the faces of cats, and tries to process them.  I think, but can’t say for certain, that I have, in the past, seen it do so to good effect, but sometimes, as in this example, not so much.  No surprise, really, if we assume that Photo AI only intends to detect HUMAN faces, and to assume that they should have smooth skin.

  In this case, it looks like that’s what Photo AI tried to assume, and interpreted most of the fur on my cat’s face as noise, to be removed, trying to make it look like my cat has a smooth, hairless face.

  Even on a human face, might this cause trouble with a subject that has facial hair?  I guess if that was an unsolved problem, it’d have been found and solved by now, but I can’t help thinking that the same algorithm that tried to make my cat look like he had hairless skin on his face, might have trouble dealing with someone who had a sparse beard or mustache.

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