And again about deinterlace

And again about deinterlace.

Here is a part from Death Note anime.
It is full interlace (you can see very small lines on edges of background) = every field is a frame.
Thats why DDV correctly deinterlace background.
But for japanese text:

  1. Its different from frame to frame.
  2. Some frames from the start there is a black line appeared near 4th japanese char.
    Same as I’v shown for Armitage anime.

Robust model does not produce such artifacts.

Also such artifacts do not appear if enlargement is used.

@Artur_Alekseev Thank you for sharing!

I think it is related to model training. Its not trained on source, that contain static content (like in this example is japanese text). Same thing for anime (that has exact images from frame to frame).
Try to deinterlace any progressive anime source as interlaced and you will get same black lines artifacts, that ofcourse should not appear.

@Artur_Alekseev Can you send the video as well? I believe that I only have the image sequences at this time.

Sent in private message.

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Thank you @Artur_Alekseev

We have confirmed that this is a model issue and is something that will take time to resolve. More than likely we will need to create a new model to handle cases like this.

This issue is not exist in Iris model. Also Iris model seems correctly deinterlaces content where random interlace type is used from scene to scene (pullup interlace & full).

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That is great news!

Well. Iris is great. The only issue I see is that when it processes progressive frames the result is a little shaky like its flowing from left to right and back. When processed by Dion there is no such issue (but overall dion is much worse).
Also there is some non visible noise that affects result compression (i remove it using neat video generic profile set to 5%).

What is the subject of the files you are working with? I have seen this primarily with videos that contain object-based content.

It (flow) is mostly seen in anime/cartoons (because objects have highly seen borders).
Looks like it is because top field is interpolated and then bottom is interpolated. And they are not exact ofcourse. That creates sort of blinking of borders. (570.3 KB)
Save example to folder and open in any image viewer where you can move from image to image fast to see difference.

Thank you for sharing this!

Same issue in other content (not cartoon). Everywhere details are flowing.
Dione does not have such effect.

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I’v uploaded Captain Power episode to dropbox. This episode contains all types of interlace issues (even blended fields. And also uploaded its processed results from dione digital & dione TV & iris.
DDV3 = black lines everywhere
DTV = oversharpened details in many places
IRIS = flowing details

Most normal picture is in DDV3. But black lines kill result. And these black lines does look like bug. This time it is not a cartoon source and black lines just nearly everywhere.
Iris does not have black lines. Its not so sharp as DDV3. But flowing details makes result unusable. For eyes its like noise.

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Thank you for sharing these files! We are not currently working on training the Dione model set at this time, however, I will keep these handy for our development team.