An option to fill missing frames

Some videos have a missing frame maybe once a second, for example if someone encoded a 23,976 fps video to 23 fps inproperly. Then every 24th frame is “missing”, causing a frame jump. I suggest an option to fill these spaces properly which will need the a. i. to analyse the actual flow of the video at first and then to realize at which point an optical “frame jump” happens.

I agree, and this has been discussed before, here is my post in that thread (15 April):

But as the two discussions I linked make clear, this will not be an easy development because the pattern of missing frames is often irregular, at least to some extent. Nor will it necessarily be doable without periodic intervention by the user (much like TVAI dup frame removal).

However, the code posted towards the end in one of those links by JKyle, John Meyer and Selur (and linked on github) may have done much of the work for Topaz, if they are interested!