An Oldy but Goody

Starting to explore Studio. The possibilities are endless. Aged my capture of N. Pierhead Lighthouse about a hundred years.


Lighthouse pictures are some of my favorites and this is one of the best.

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Love the bottom one. I agree the possibilities are endless, so much so that i get bewildered! Come the winter I might have more time but now with the garden growing as if there is no tomorrow there is little time to play. So frustrating. But the finished work is so worth while - just beautiful.


Wow …that’s a really cool edit …

Great edit …

oooh very nice

Well done!

Absolutely superb

What a difference ,fantastic.

Super edit work and treatment.

Something wrong here. I’m coming in as Angie D. This is Ellemat

@Michigander That is one spectacular shot…using it as a base could generate dozens, if not more, any way you can imagine it. Daybreak, sunset, night, storm not to mention textured treatments.

Very nice shot - that lighthouse has always really spired you very much!