An experiment with colors

This is an experiment with colors


Wonderful portrait work …


I like this!

Nice experiment and results.

:thumbsup: from me since I’m a fan of purple.

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Not the kind of look I usually go for but this turned out beautifully.

Interesting…caught me at first glance!

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It is wonderful portrait as a base image. I also like your use of colors with one exception. I find the color around his eyes takes me away from the portrait of a seasoned cowboy to someplace in the Himalayas. And, that is a disconnect for me. This gentleman has an extremely photogenic and rich face…I want to know his story and I find myself perplexed by the color surrounding his eyes.
Beautifully done!

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Nice result - even though I’m not a fan of purple …

Stunning. I really like what you have going here.

This Is Fantastic, It Works Well On This Portrait = “WOW”

Great portrait and Iove the colours - just not on the face itself. I think the purple could be left on the lower part of the face, but maybe toned down a bit on the upper part of the face. The treatment on the beard and moustache is lovely. The treatment on the clothes is wonderful. You can almost feel the texture.

The sun highlight on the nose,mouth, beard makes the image. Not sure about the blue cast but it does work.

this is one of the fellas in The Blue Man;s group Grandfather, interesting face a little to much color detracting from the Faces story!