Amazing Recovery

I shot this photo at night with a shutter speed of 1/8s hand held and ISO of 400. I expected the dancer to be a bit blurred but due to camera shake, all the people in the background were also blurred. Topaz Sharpen AI recovered that and reduced noise beautifully.

I ran the original picture in Sharpen AI then brought it into Affinity Photo and tone mapped it. I ran a second copy of the sharpened layer into Topaz Studio with Basic adjustment (since it was dark and desaturated), Precision detail and reduce noise.

Finally, I blended 100% of the last layer with 25% of the tone map layer to produce the result.


Nice work, did you use Stabilize?

Yes, if you check the file name at the bottom of the picture it says stabilize.

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Really nice image.

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Well done!