Alter (Configure) Output File Size (VEAI3)?

Hi everyone!

I just updated to VEAI3 and the interface is confusing coming from 2.6.4.

How do you alter the output file size now? Or is that option gone now?

In 2 you could select Constant Rate Factor. Is there a new setting in 3?

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There is only hardware encoding for H.264/5 in TVAI 3. CRF is not an option on any hardware encoder.
Your options:
Search this forum for what others have suggested. This question has been asked a lot.
Output to another format.
I personally output to images, then use another program to convert it to H265… but I was doing that in VEAI 2 anyway, because there is something visually wrong with its H264 encoder.

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In a recent test, I was surprised, actually, that NVENC worked on my 3080 Ti, because I was led to believe TVAI only supported the new NVENC with B-frames (as seen on the 4080/4090 series cards only).

Not sure, but I think that got fixed in 3.0.6. Basically the GUI was by default setting it to use the B frames.

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I have searched, but I cannot find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Yeah maybe the search on here is too particular. Here’s a thread I found about it. I did find some more people asking, but no replies.