Alphas in Studio

I’m wanting to create a Layer Mask in Photoshop & take that transparency into Studio. I make the mask, duplicate the layer then apply the mask and end up with a layer with transparent background. When I send that layer to Studio, it shows the checker-board bg, but there’s no actual transparency. If I create an Image Layer below that image, the image area itself acts as a mask & not the transparent areas, nor does there seem to be any way to invert.

This should be a simple task, but something is alluding me. Tried searching for videos on this but no luck. Might someone point me to one or give a description on how to do achieve this?

I’ve noticed this same thing. It happens too if you create a transparent background using Studio and the Remask plug-in. The transparency does not behave at all as it should.

As I don’t believe this is a normal part of the plugin interface from PS, none of the plugins I use behave in the way you request, I have changed this to a product feature request.

Studio isn’t the same as the PS interface, it is a ‘once-only’ use to create the mask. You cannot send the ‘masked’ image back to re-edit the mask.

Also Studio does not allow the use of an Alpha Channel to separately create a mask but in PS you can create a mask from the alpha channel.

OK, thanks Don. So I wasn’t just missing something obvious.

I’ll keep exploring & see if I can find a work-around in the mean time I guess.

I wasn’t talking about sending it back, Don. I’m just saying that working with a transparent layer within Studio doesn’t work the same as working with a transparent layer within PS or Affinity, for example.

What I’ve found that although Studio doesn’t see a PShop’s transparency from a layer mask when sending that layer to Studio, it does leave it alone. So, if you make adjustments in Studio & OK to send that layer back to PShop, the layer mask remains intact. While not quite the same in that you don’t get the interaction between layers below as you would in Studio, it’s a start.

What would be nice is if you could somehow at least copy & paste or import an external file into Studio as a mask.

The odd thing is that some of the PNG’s used with Texture effects have embedded transparency that Studio DOES respect. Haven’t figured out what’s different in order to make my own though.

Saving as a PNG will produce a transparency.

I’ll have to run some more tests then as that’s NOT what I was getting.

I should mention that you should use either ReMask from Studio to create the transparency on the background layer and save that or use Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc.

The reason is that the masking in Studio affects an Adjustment Layer not the original.

I have the stand alone version of Remask which of course is in Studio too, but normally use PhotoShop. However, I’ve some options of saving out PNG’s that I need to test. Probably get around to that this eekend.

As a seperate aside, when trying to view or reply to an email, the link opens this in my browser (FireFox)

but it just sits there & times out. So, I just come to the forum instead which isn’t letting me paste the actual link but ends with … alphas-in-studio/4931/9.

Thought this worth a mention as something’s amiss.

My guess would be to try a different browser, the link looks like a valid one as they use Amazon EC Cloud and that is a US East Coast Address but Amazon may not allow direct references.

I believe FireFox (the most recent) had a lot of changes with sandboxing and one of those was inspecting links and not using the short link rather the direct link.

Copy the link from the email and see what the address is, if it is that you posted above let me know and I will notify admin.

Copied this directly from the email into a text editor. Appears the same.

Thanks, @JoeFedric-TL will look into the email links when he has time …

This problem is very low priority for us, still. We’ve made headway on some of our other web-based items, like this, but haven’t made it over to the forum issues, yet.

Not a problem Joe. Just wanted to make sure someone was aware of the issue.

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