Alphabetizing Studio effects

Could it be possible to alphabetize the Effects in studio? For example, I should be able to find Georgia O’Keefe under ‘G’ A Landscape Effect that has 3 versions should be listed un ‘L’ and then listed under I, III, V Right now it’s very difficult to find anything. I wouldn’t mind being able to drag things into alphabetical order (as long as I don’t lose the order with a program update) Thanks for listening - Barb :slight_smile:


It would also be nice if we could have the presets displayed in their own window like in Restyle, Adjust 5 and Simplify 4 etc. This way the presets show up larger and you can just quickly scroll through to find a preset that interests you.


Problem is that all the effects are shown under the Tags they are assigned, which kinda speaks against alphabetizing being an easy fix.

Personally, I find things quite easily by clicking the Search button (big ? up top) and simply typing.

Clicking Search and typing “Painterly” or “Georgia” will find all name-related presets and restrict the list, no matter where they might be located in the larger Tagging scheme. Works quite nicely (for me at least).