the position of the sun is lower again which gives us the typical ‘alpenglow’ in the evening. This is one from last evening. Capture One Pro, Topaz Studio basic (HDR warmer, soft light blend mode at 40% opacity)


Gorgeous colors, enjoying your new camera? :smile:

Yes, I do, however I just do not have enough time for shooting which bothers me.
BTW I processed this image on my laptop and it looked great. Last night at home I looked at it on my large monitor and was shocked because there it looked very dark. Did it look dark on your screen??? I need to check now which monitor needs calibration :frowning:


Beautiful time of day. It looks gorgeous.

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Lovely time of the day captured beautifully. It could be brightened a smidgen. Not much. I do most of my work on a laptop. I have one image in my picture files I know exactly what it should look like. I use it to set the proper tilt on the screen. If I am going to order a print I always view it on my larger monitor on my tabletop just to make sure.

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Thanks Wayne! I will process the RAW file again at home to see. Thanks for your good advice to adjust the angle of the laptop screen with an image from which I exactly know how it should look like.

What a beautiful landscape scene. Lovely image! I agree with the lighting up a little but with luminance. Mainly in the sky and sunlight ranges. But I would also darken down the orange tree at the every near foreground. My eye keeps getting drawn to it.

Peter I use a calibrated monitor and though I can see it well I think it is fairly dark.