Allow scene based model selection

Sometime the choosen AI-Filter doesn´t work for a whole video file.

Example1: There´s an intro at the beginning where Stabilization is doing extremely unwanted things…in this case i would like to disable Stabilization on the timeline at the beginning.

Example2: Using IrisV2 does mostly a really great job but sometimes it creates alien looking eyes or other AI errors(when someone is wearing a checkered shirt) or a chain-link fence is moving through the video…so if i would mainly like to use IrisV2 and there are some parts in the video where another AI could do a better job…i would like to set a range in the timeline to switch temporary to another KI-Filter.

This feature would be really great !

The AI should be allowed to help the user to automatically recognise and cut the video into medium close up and far away shots, and then allow the user to choose the appropriate ai model for the different shots