ALL Topaz photo products - Set target resolution on the longest side

When processing multiple pictures (batch) mixed in portrait and landscape. setting the target resolution on the longest side would really be helpful.

In the older version of Gigapixel V1, 2 or 3, it can resize base on the long edge but since V4 the feature has been removed.

In the older version, you can set fit to width & height, for example 6000px x 6000px, the software will keep the aspect ratio of the image and upscale it base on the long side. I don’t understand why the developer decided to remove such useful feature.

I have contacted Topaz Lab Customer services, in 2019 April. At that time, the Development Team told me that “they will re-implementing in some fashion in the future, but is currently not scheduled”.

Let’s hope re-implementation is soming soon.