All Stand-alone AI Prooducts - UI Improvements

  1. When optimizing the workflow by using programmable keybord, e.g. stream deck, for routine tasks (like save & close) one cannot fail to notice, that it is often impossible to achieve such macro sequences, because in many place of the user interface keybord just not works.
    Try e.g. Alt-F for File and then DOWN or anything.
    Almost all of selection subdialogs won’t accept TAB or Arrow.
    In order to support macro automation for quick workflow this must be adressed.

  2. Lots of the selections made by user (e.g. background type, color in mask AI) are not remembered by the program from image to image (close one oen another) or from program run to program run. Most annoying e.g. is that when saving from Mask AI the file type always defaults to composite. When you routinely want to save as transparency you always have to click this (no shortcut) and it won’t remember … thus automation of saving is impossible aside from using mouse macros …

  3. Most of the AI standalone programs would benefit greatly not only from remembering user choices but from extended preferences for default startup dettings. (again like e.g. mask background type, color etc in Mask AI)