All plugins and stand alone return black image

After changing my to a new computer, reinstalling Creative Cloud and Topaz, I try running the Topaz tools and ALL of them in plugin form and stand alone for return a BLACK picture when I select OK in Photoshop or Save in the stand alone.

This happens on the trial versions, activated versions etc.

My computer has current OpenGL and Win10 1803.

Please help.

Thank you

If you are running Windows, please update your GPU drivers from the manufacturers website … i.e. if either a NVIDIA or AMD from their website or if a Intel from the PC manufacturers website.

If you are on MAC please raise a help request from the link at the top of the page.

Obviously your new PC meets the minimum technical requirements for all Topaz Products?

Hello, The new PC is a top of the line, $3k, Thinpad x1 Yoga. Yeah, it meets all specs.

I’ve updated all drivers from Lenovo’s site.

The GPU is an Intel UHD 620 supporting OpenGL 4.X

The topaz products work with their sample images, but not with my images.

It’s very strange.

Thank you

After disabling the GPU in Photoshop I still get the same “black” image returned by the plugin. This leads me to think it’s not the GPU.


The issue is probably Win10 1803 update- it’s riddled with bugs- read this-

Roll back if possible to prior version of Windows 10.

It’s NOT your GPU.

I wondered about Win 10 1803. And suspected a driver or win issue.

Has anyone from Topaz Labs seen this?

My suggestion is to raise a product support request as the UHD 620 is a Kaby Lake GPU and is brand new for low powered PC’s.

Also because you say the sample images work it leads me to believe that the issue is the GPU on your PC doesn’t have sufficient power.

Use the link on the header above to submit a support request.

Yeah, I did submit a request. We may have a new GPU that’s not compatible. I hope not. I wanted to avoid an external graphics card for a while.

Thanks for the response.


On a hunch I reduced the resolution of my image and bingo, the plugins work. So smaller images render correctly and larger images render black. Very frustrating.

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Just an update on this one. It appears that the plugins work on image with a max long side of about 5400 pixels. This sort of works. Though on current 8K files it doesn’t work at all. Bummer.

Again for those that need to know the plugins appear to only be partially compatible with Intel’s new UHD 620 GPU. Even though the installation says it’s fully compatible.