All attempts at enhancement cause "Resolution Error"

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From the logs, it looks like you’ll need to install the latest Studio driver for the GTX 1070:

Driver does not support the required nvenc API version. Required: 12.0 Found: 11.0

[h264_nvenc @ 000001AC56545FC0] The minimum required Nvidia driver for nvenc is 522.25 or newer

I have the same error. I have a Lenovo P15s Gen1 with an Intel UHD 10th Gen. ( and Nvidia Quadro 920 M (Nvidia Driver 545.84) under Windows 11. Not the latest and greatest for AI-Rendering but for testing purposes enough.

To specify this. Switched back to P520-Rendering only. GPU-workload maxed out, which is ok. Then a Driver error instead of Resolution error was coming up.

"- Try changing the output resolution, bitrate or encoder.

  • Please update Nvidia Driver. The minimum required …522.25 or newer."

Thanks, Tony. The driver fixed the error.
I see, though that Video AI does not allow adjustment of color, which makes it unsuitable for underwater videos.

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