All apps are crashing on laptop with dual video cards

Getting error with Topaz Mask AI and Denoise AI on my laptop with dual graphic cards.

I have GeForce 520MX graphics card and i am getting “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005).” Newest Nvidia driver i can use is installed v391.35 (2018.3.27).

If i disable the 520MX my other built in graphic card is Intel HD-3000 its only OpenGL v3.1 and although it does not get errors message upon starting topaz products they simply close down on start, i assume because system requirements are OpenGL v3.3+

Its either driver problem or the fact that my laptop cannot have HD-3000 graphic card disabled because i am getting black screen.

Topaz Mask AI v1.3.5 works fine however v1.3.6 (there are people reporting same issue as me in linked post) already crashing, what was major change that was implemented?

Your link goes to the release topic for v1.3.6, not v3.3.6 - the latest version of Mask AI is v1.3.9. Neither of your graphic cards comes even close to the minimum requirements for the AI apps so you’re probably going to be limited to using your CPU - if you can get them to open. In v1.3.5 can you go to Help>Graphics Info and post the results here?

My bad i meant v1.3.5 and v1.3.6 fixed already.

Operating System: Windows 7 SP 1 (6.1)
Graphics Hardware: GeForce GT 520MX/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 391.35
CPU RAM: 8105 MB
Video RAM: 1024 MB
Preview Limit: 2501 Pixels

Funny thing is i am able to start Topaz Mask AI v1.3.9 on my old laptop with 256MB video card just fine, guess difference is that old laptop has single dedicated GPU, however on this newer laptop with two GPU.

If this helps i verified with Process Monitor error throws right after Topaz Mask AI.exe loads C:\Windows\System32\cryptbase.dll if i disable NVIDIA GPU its able to load further than this point however exits without errors, which is normal behavior when OpenGL v3.3 is not supported.

Additional info still working for me under Windows 7 x64 are:

  • Mask AI v1.3.5
  • Sharpen AI v2.1.8
  • DeNoise AI v2.2.12

Next version already cause problem and all related to cryptobase.dll. Hope developers can figure out what they changed in each software going forward from that version and implement a fix for Mask AI next release.

P.S. Of course i know Windows 7 is not supported anymore.

P.P.S. Under Windows 10 all latest version of apps open on my computer just fine, but i sticking to Windows 7 for my own reasons.

I’m not sure why but if you’re still experiencing issues, try again and make sure file log is turned off. I cant promise that will help but I hope it does. Cheers

It’s not me who’s got issues.