Aliasing in 3.0.0 preview window but not using VLC

Trying to reduce aliasing in an incorrectly upscaled 720p video, I saw that it was still there in 3.0.0 preview window, while correctly addressed by proteus when displaying the preview file using VLC.

the preview is bad in true, you have to judge the video with vlc when you open it :wink:

But this is not quite the case with 2.6.2…
Also, I miss the comparison preview.
Anyway, this issue along with the significant speed drop I noticed made me revert to 2.6.2 after few trials.

in fact the preview is bad since the version 3 in beta and this version 3, on the 2.6.4 it was still good. For the speed drop, yes it’s slower than 2.6.4 but faster than the betas so far so I think it will be improved :wink: for the side by side preview, there it is, it’s on the left under the preview window :slight_smile: