AI Version 1.19 Edit Through Plug In

I now get the error message (suggestion) that to get full benefit of the AI software, that I should go through the File/Plug-In menu to edit a photo. What I am not real pleased about is that when I now edit a photo…it does NOT use my Lightroom edits!!! I have to start all over on editing a photo. Sometimes, I edit photos in batches and then decide I need to reduce noise or increase sharpening. I don’t get it TOPAZ.

Then you should use the Edit in menu where you can choose to send either a TIFF, JPEG or PNG with Lightroom changes included.

The other option is that you can still send the RAW image and copy the adjustments from the original RAW file to the returned DNG.

No application can read and apply LR adjustments unless it uses Adobe Camera RAW.