AI Sharpen Stalled

It has been stuck like this for going on 10 minutes. The image is quite large. 14688x19908 pixels. WTH? On my desktop with 64G ram and NVidia card with 4G ram.

Paging File/Virtual Memory?
Slow Scratch Discs?
If using PS, enough shared memory allocted to PS?
ALL other apps closed/Windows Indexing suspended?

etc etc

I have the same same issue. When the photo is large it takes forever. You could quit, ,close all other applications and try again. Or, using Photoshop, divide the photo into quarters, sharpen and then reassemble.

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Larger images will take longer to process.

Are you talking about processing or the preview? And if it is the preview what zoom?

Please open Sharpen AI and go to Help-> Graphics info., press Copy and paste that here.