AI Sharpen settings choice ~ an observation!

Hi All

I have used AI Sharpen more this afternoon than I have done since buying it a short while back and thought I would share my thoughts & observations as follows:-

I was preparing some files for printing and as AIS was new in my approach and workflow this was the opportunity to ‘go for it’.

An aircraft in flight just needed the “Focus” setting as I found “Sharpen” seemed to exaggerate a touch chromatic abberation I had not spotted before!

Of the bird (only one image file today) and animals I worked on ~ the bird benefited from either “Sharpen” or “Focus” but settled on Sharpen to good effect :slight_smile:

The 4 different animals files ~ for whatever reason two looked best with “Stabilise” and one off each “Sharpen” & “Focus”. In none of the cases was the animal moving.

So, of my limited experience so far ~ it pays to check each file type with each of the ‘settings’ and see what suits it best for the level & look of the sharpening. FWIW the processing time for the preview was approx 15seconds per setting but provided you do not shift the preview position once all three types have been preview processed you can click the between each one a few times to be sure that you have selected the one ‘best for the image’. oh, the side by side preview with the moveable view slider is great :smiley:

Note:- 3 of the animal files were then enlarged in Gigapixel.

Hope that helps and/or informs others.

PS I was not sure this was the correct place to post this :wink:

Edit ~ PPS to forum Mods ~ if there is a more appropriate sub-fora for this sort of post do please move it :slight_smile:

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This info has been posted by others including me but the posts get buried and not read. I agree that checking each algorithm is a good idea. The down side is you can’t expect best results if you want to do a batch process.

Ah! I wonder if this forum software supports the create (by the mods) of “stickies” i.e. user insights/experience advice always visible and at the top of a page???

As for the usage for batch processing, I agree from what I discerned it would not be reliable for such a ‘run’.