AI Remix titles obscured

Been having a blast with my new system. Finally got a chance to play with some scrap shots in TS tonight and had to see what AI Remix would do. Came up with some nice variations when I noticed I don’t know what any of the presets I’m using as their names get blotted when I roll over.

I’m pretty sure it’s all the newness:

AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 2990WX Processor (3.00GHz) 32 Core
64GB DDR4-2666
2x NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 8GB

And yes, using the latest nVidia drivers which is ver. 419.67. The cards are also SLI enabled.

Not a big issue but wanted to mention it. Gonna be more RTX users soon.

Just check what resolution and zoom your screen is on. I believe that Studio has issues at more than 125%.

No, both at default’s. 27" monitors; not much need for zoom.

Just took another peek and I’ve some, but not all readable in a category. No particular pattern but those at the bottom of a list are generally readable.

Had some oddness with a TSP file wanting to update after I loaded it, but need to look into that more first. Different issue.

Me too - half the names are missing, 24" iiyama monitor, scaling 100%

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