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I’ve installed the trial of the AI ReMix Pro adjustment, and I like it very much. However, I have many questions and comments on the adjustment.

  1. It is confusing to me that there is a Preset drop-down with 5 presets and below that a grid of different examples that can be applied. Are the examples not also presets? What is the difference between the presets and these examples? Is it possible to start out with one of the 5 basic presets and by adjusting the available sliders end up with the results in the examples? It doesn’t seem possible to me. If so, is there a way to reverse engineer the process (discover what preset was the basis for the example?

  2. When I close an image that I had been working on and load a new image, AI ReMix starts up with a preset already active. I don’t see any way to tell what preset it is.

  3. The examples shown in the UI give me hardly any idea of what my image will look like with the effect applied. I would prefer to have thumbnails of my own active image and the results. This may be impossible because the computations would take too long.

  4. The preset Oil Paint Colors doesn’t change my image at all.

  5. The preset Paint Splatter is applied very quickly. Other presets, especially Red Flame, sometimes take several seconds to be applied, making me think that nothing is happening. (Same with the examples.) I assume that the program is busy computing the image. It would be helpful to have a kind of progress bar so that the user can see that the program is still working. Apparently the program keeps the results in memory, since it only takes a long time the first time a preset or example is selected for a particular image.

  6. Question: are future additional Presets planned? The existing ones aren’t very useful for me (especially Oil Paint Colors, which does nothing, and Red Flame)

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The five presets are examples from the styles below - you can tell which one as it will be highlighted in blue. You can tell which strength has been used at the top, and the sliders will show you what else has been done.

Yes, see above and put the strength and sliders back to default

It’s the style highlighted in blue - middle of the top row.

There’s a blue progress bar at the top of the screen.

There’s a problem there then as it makes a significant change to my images.


Thank you for your help, Paul!

I now see the blue bar at the top of the screen. When I first tried out the adjustment, the first thing I did (going from top to bottom) is apply the preset Oil Paint Colors. When nothing seemed to happen, I looked for a progress bar and there was none. I now see that this bar does appear with the other presets. With Oil Paint Colors it blinks in and out right away and makes no visible change to my image.

I also recognize that my understanding of the “examples” (styles) and presets was backwards. the styles make up the palette of artistic effects and the presets are simply saved versions of the styles.

And now that you mention it, I do see that the default style is highlighted. I must be going blind :smile:


Something else just occurred to me. I don’t see names for the different styles. Considering my previous inability to spot the progress bar (see my first post in this thread), they might have names but I just haven’t spotted them. Anyway, I like to include the names of effects I have used in image file names and they are handy when communicating to others which effects were used.

You’re welcome.[quote=“Topacres, post:3, topic:4735”]
I must be going blind

Not really - we all struggle to see something when we don’t know what we’re looking for or where to look for it lol

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Some presets do take a little longer than others to process.

[quote=“Topacres, post:1, topic:4735”]
When I close an image that I had been working on and load a new image, AI ReMix starts up with a preset already active. I don’t see any way to tell what preset it is.[/quote]

Like Paul mentioned AI opens with the 2nd_ middle preset top row (highlighted in Blue).
It was changed to this preset because most members suggested that the first preset was too strong in appearance and may misrepresent the look of other presets and their possibilities.

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I have noticed that the highlights are being over emphasised in water. If I apply a wave preset, for example, I would have to mask out certain parts of waves or white water. The detail is overdone with highlights. A blur applied to highlights with the preset may solve the problem with the Wave preset.

I too would like to know the names of the styles so that I can note the ones that I like and find useful, but I don’t see them. Are they there and I am missing them?

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