AI ReMix - Can you train it with you own images?

Based on the product description, AI ReMix has been pre-seeded with a variety of images to train its neural net. Question is, can you add you own images to enhance the neural net or are you limited to those you have supplied?


I doesn’t look like it or at least there is nothing in the description …

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I saw that but was hoping that someone from the development team might answer.

Having the ability to train things with your own source images would actually make it extremely useful and versatile. I’d like to feed it examples from JMW Turner, or Leonid Afremov, or art deco examples, etc…

While I own all the other Topaz products the current AI ReMix presets offered are pretty blah in most cases and so it does not really grab me to buy it without the training feature.

I whole-heartedly agree with you. The ability to pre-seed (add) other images (and delete ones already there) would dramatically improve my love for this feature.

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That the first thing I looked for! To add my own personal images to be used.

Fully agree with your idea… that feature would make me buy it. Current samples do not meet my style…

+1 to adding your own images. A much needed update.

This is a BIG thing I have been waiting for too. A game changer even as I sit in queues on deepdreamgenerator frequently.
In fact, if they can come up with a desktop equivalent to that my guess is it would attract huge interest from those currently not using Topaz.