AI mode to minimize jaggies

Which AI mode and settings would you recommend to minimise stairsteps/jaggies?

I’ve looked it up, and ‘jaggies’ or stairsteps seems to be another word for intelaced. So Dione would be the best choice.

My excuses: I have all Topaz soft for photo and use it, but I am totally new to video, and I have no experience with it at all.

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Hi Erik,

You are right, most of the time what you are referring to is interlaced footage which would be Dione.

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Thanks, Emily.

I will add Video Enhance to my toolset soon (in a few days) because, like Oscar Wilde said: the best way to handle a temptation is to give in to it.

My Win10 system has a 1660Ti graphics card, and, yes, depending on the chosen mode, it can be quite slow. But when you want quality, time may not be taken into account.

One big mistake I made and that I learned from, is that High, Medium and Low Quality do not refer to Output, but to Input. For example: use Artemis Low Q when your original is small, say, only 640x480 and not that sharp.

I am still experimenting with ‘layered’ work. I mean: just like we use layers in Photoshop, why do everything in one take in software like Video Enhance? Can we make it even better with a second step with, say, Theia fine tune detail?

And, being also a photographer, I see uses for Video Enhance:

Just imagine being at a rocky shore, and you want to photograph the waves; or trying to phtograph insects, … We do take some pictures, but often , when we get home, that ‘right’ one is not there.
But when I set my mirrorless to video mode, and take five seconds of video, I have some 150 frames. That can be exported by Video Enhace as 16-bit Tiff’s.
Chances are the right one is amongst these.

thanks again for replying!

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Use a modern camera with “ProCapture” and you will not need to workaround with Video Enhance to select the best picture out of a sequence