AI Mask refinement tools

I will stay with mask 5 until they add some refinement tools, so far not impressed


Topaz please listen to your users… everybody is saying the same thing, you need effective refinement tools just like in Remask.

Mask AI does not need “refinement tools” but it needs vectors, something similar to what PenTool does, but Artificial Intelligence automatically makes the selection! Then it would become the perfect tool!

+1 We need the refinement tools of Remask!!!

I think the AI in Mask AI would have to get a whole lot smarter to not need refinement tools. Vectors would be great for solid cutouts but trees, grasses, smoke and other transparent subjects need some specialised selection tools and the AI in AI Mask is just not up to that challenge currently. How can it be? Masking is massively complex in some situations and to expect AI to know which areas of similar tone or colour are to be masked or not to be masked (precisely) is a huge ask in my opinion BUT Remask comes very close to achieving those precise results with a little effort using refinement tools. I am hoping Topaz proves me very wrong!


Control For Color Range Like in Remask 5?

The Color Range and Transparency features of Remask 5 were remarkable. What is going to take their place in Mask AI? Has anyone tried to mask out a veil using the new software? How do you go about doing that?

When I contacted one of the developers, he told me these two features are on their list to add, so I’m quite certain we will see them at some point. I miss them too.