AI GigaPixel v3.1.1 - EXIF not Retained on Width/Height = Pixels

Where is the choice to pick ppi? It is changing my original 300 ppi to a converted 72 ppi. I need it to stay at 300 ppi. What am I missing?? It is doing this to every image.

Example: Original is 1039 x742 pixels at 300 dpi to 2100 x 1500 but makes it 72 dpi.


Adding to above post - I am going from a tiff to a tiff.


A couple of things to make it happen is to do the following:

  • Using Width or Height to adjust the image size make sure the PPI box is set to 300 (using Inches/CM rather than Pixels)
  • Select Keep Metadata Yes if you want to keep all original Metadata

Using inches rather than pixels works, since that lets the ppi box appear. It would really help if that box was available if the width or height is set to pixels also.

Without that box, there is no way to tell AI Gigapixel what the ppi should be.

Thanks for the workaround!!


Yes I have already reported it to the developers, hopefully they will come up with a solution soon.