AI Gigapixel v3.1.1 (asks for Log On)

Not sure if this is a bug, or normal…when I start AI Gigapixel it sometimes asks me to ‘Log On’ (to verify account or ownership maybe?).
Doesn’t always do it. Haven’t kept a close watch on it…maybe monthly.
Anyone else had this happen? Normal? Not normal?
Modem is always on so AI Gigapixel is free to do it’s own thing anyway!
Asked Topaz about 10 days ago and no reply apart from they have raised a ticket.
Thanks for any advice/help.

If it’s an occasional thing, it could be that there was an interruption in service during your hiatus, yours or theirs, that logged you off. It happens occasionally, but rarely.

OK, thanks for the quick reply too.

It checks-in periodically to confirm it is authorized use. They all do it, typically it doesn’t require log in. The last push we did forced it for some users.

Just a note. I have a timer turn off my modem and router every night (why burn power?) and boot up in the morning. It does not affect loging in to anything.