AI Gigapixel sRGB conversion too saturated


Not sure if this is a bug, or just down to the conversion process used, but it used to be fine. When converting from AdobeRGB to sRGB on jpg images, the result is over saturated.

Originally AI gigapixel handled this well, then a few versions later the saturation became noticeable. This was then fixed in another release until 2 releases ago I think, when the problem came back.

At the moment I am having to do all my colour space conversions outside of the program. Sorry, there have been so many releases/updates of the program (which is a good thing!) I am unsure as to which version the saturation was fine in.

Please raise a Technical Support Request at the Topaz Labs site.

How are you viewing the exported images? In Ps or a viewer? Is your display wide-gamut?


Funnily enough, yes both of my monitors are wide gamut HP monitors.

OK, so I tested in Affinity Photo and basically the image from AI Gigapixel is displaying fine. Using XnView on Windows 10, the images show different saturation. Must be some problem with how XnView handles the colour gamut produced/used by AI gigapixel, as doing the same thing in the default Windows 10 Photo app, there is also no difference between the two images.

When I convert the image in Affinity photo, the images display fine in XnView. However, I think we can chalk this one down to a bug in other software. Thanks for prompting me to dig a bit deeper into the issue.