Ai Gigapixel Question - When To Apply?

I just downloaded the trial version and it seems to run fine on my computer. I understand the concept of up sizing old low rez files. My question is related to using the tool for heavy cropping. Is it better to process the original file in Lightroom and Photoshop all the way through including maximum cropping and then upsize the end result, or should the original RAW file be upsized and then processed/ cropped after running it through Ai Gigipixel? Thanks,

You should upsize the end result as it is the final step to upsize it. Just as you would either upsize or downsize when you export from any other application as the final step.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Don on this. In commercial printing we would always work on the largest possible size before shrinking an image to its final size, this has the effect of minimising any errors and enhancing sharpness. I guess it depends largely on its final use.

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Thanks to both of you for the answers. Since I will mostly be using the software to upsize large crops from high quality images (little birds or wildlife shot from a long distance) the pixels AI Gigapixel has to work with are the same no matter which way I do it. I’ll experiment. Seems like it is easier to run a processed image through the software than the original RAW file.

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