AI Gigapixel processing time

I received an email about AI Gigapixel, Topaz’s new resizing app, and downloaded it to give it a try. My first attempt to resize an image resulted in a crash (I saved the dump) and my second try is still running after perhaps 6 or 7 minutes of processing. The progress bar shows about 20% done for a 20MP raw image being resized by 400% after that time.

I admit to having a slower machine (Mac Mini, i7 dual core chip, 16GB of RAM) and am interested in knowing how long processing has taken for other users as well as their opinion of the output.


Note that technical requirements are specified here along with the processing estimates that state “the larger your image and the larger the upsampling, the more calculations your machine will have to do. This is unavoidable, and will result in cases where processing can take quite a long time.”

I do not know if my Mac Mini meets the minimum requirements for this software. It does meet the OS requirements and I am OK with the RAM but the Mini graphics is Intel Iris with 1.5GB of memory and I do not know if that meets the requirements. I do not even know if Intel Iris is a separate graphics card or just an onboard chip that uses regular memory.

Processing a 20MP raw image to 400% took a bit over an hour but the result was a very big surprise to me. I had expected a pixelated image but the image was really quite good and, after a bit of sharpening in Dxo’s PhotoLab, it was almost as good as the original. It was very large at over 2GB as a tiff, but stunning in its quality.

I am running it now on my wife’s 2017 MacBook Pro (quad core i7) to see if it runs any faster and this will definitely affect the specs of the new Mac I am thinking about buying. I have not tested the new Photoshop resize but, aside from that, it is the best resizing software that I have seen and it may be better than what PS offers.

Congratulations on a great resizing app.

However I think that there are some bugs in processing as I have seen very strange results. I will file those with support as bugs as I am not sure that this is the proper place for that information.

However I would like to ask if Topaz considers the new MacBook Pro (i7 and i9 versions, 32GB RAM, 512GB ssd) to meet the requirements since it does not have 8GB of graphics memory and there are no options to increase that memory. The specified memory card info (Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory) shows a card that does not exactly match what is specified on the pages you posted here. Since I am trying to work out the specs for a new Mac machine I would want them to be able to use this software.

It seems like it at least meets the recommended requirements.

It seems like it at least meets the recommended requirements

I was talking about two different machines, my current Mac Mini and the new 2018 15" MacBook Pro that I am thinking about getting. Which of those two machines does your comment address?

MacBook Pro, current gen as it does have 4GB of dedicated GPU memory on the Pro560X.