AI Gigapixel Batch Size Limits?

I am running some tests on NVIDIA GTX 1070 and GP100 CPUs, attempting to batch process 30,000 video frames (768x576 jpegs, uprezzing 6x). The UI manages batches of 1000, but hangs on 5000. Is there a way of running this in terminal mode without the UI to avoid the non-responsive UI? What is the batch size limit?

I suggest that in this case you raise a technical support request at the website after trying to run but make sure you select Help-> Enable Background Processing Ctrl+Alt+P to see if that helps.

Also specify the memory the GTX 1070 has.

Are you simply running-out of memory/storage space?

Try closing Gigapixel between sets of 1k batches, and see if that alleviates the problem. If so, there is likely a memory issue we need to address.

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1 I’ve also seen a number of instances where the processing stops after about 80-150 images, for no apparent reason. Clicking on the unprocessed image always fails to restart the processing, so I have to exit the program and reload the unprocessed photos.

I have 32Gb of RAM, and 8Gb on the nVidia Quadro video card, so it’s probably not a RAM issue.

2 I also have a question: Some files, in detailed view turn green to show that they have finished processing. Others do not. I have not figured out why ? This happens when the input is JPG as is the output.