AI gigapixel batch processing

(topazleo) #22

Are you referring to the same upscale algo that was released back in 2013, and only updated again in 2017?

I’m sure that the topaz team is working on fixing the 2000 frames crash limit / limited batch processing capabilities.

Video capabilities probably by next year?

(rojharris) #23

Yeah, that’s the one. I found that although AIGP was great in some areas, such as retaining edge detail, Other larger areas lost a lot of small texture details. This could be down to my choice of enhancement but I did do tests to pick the one I thought was best so not sure… It took too long to do another test though so I’ll keep to stills until perhaps a video version comes along.

(topazleo) #24

Has anyone tested the new Gigapixel 3.0 for batch processing more than 2,000+ images at a time?

(Don) #25

Hi, could you let me know if you use After Effects at all.

(topazleo) #26

I have it as part of the Adobe subscription, but I rarely use it.

I’ll gladly use it, if it can be used with Gigapixel to process vids/large image batches.

(jelstudio) #27

I just tested V3.1.1 with 4500 images and it just hangs unresponsive (doing whatever it is doing in the background)

So it’s still a no-go for batch-processing of such large numbers of images.