AI Gigapixel + AI Clear

Can you explain if. or whether, there is any AI Clear technology being used within AI Gigapixel? It seems like a little bit is there. It would be fantastic if AI Clear code and controls were available inside Gigapixel. I’m trying to determine the best workflow to combine both. Enlarging a raw file first, then doing all desired processing after, including AI Clear, semi to get the best results. If I process first then enlarge in AI-G, the artifacts are usually worse. That’s why it would be nice to have AI Clear code within AI-G as a finishing step for an image coming from any editing source, not just Topaz Studio…

On the Enlarge Options: part of the processing panel you can choose to Reduce Noise and Blur in the output.

Have no idea if AI Clear technology is used but if you enlarge a RAW file before processing and cropping you can always take it into Topaz Studio to apply AI Clear.