AI GigaP 1.1.1 will not run on my Macs

I installed v.1.1.1 on a Mac Pro (late 2013 - - - 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32GB memory, AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB video card) running macOS 10.13.6.

The download and installation were successful. The installation log shows no problems.

BUT: The program will not load fully or run. No error messages, no crash log. It starts to load and then exits or crashes after the logo icon has appeared on the Dock for about a second.

I had exactly the same experience with a MacBook Pro running a beta version macOS 10.14. Even though the video card was ‘unsupported’, the earlier version of AI GigaP ran successfully.

Does anyone know how to install the version that 1.1.1 replaced? It was slow on the MacBook, but it worked, and gave very nice results.

Please raise a technical support request at the need help link above.

Choose the plugins button.

I have raised the issue twice with tech support (I have two different Macs), and both times I was simply referred to web pages for installation and hardware requirements.

I was hoping that another user was running v1.1.1 on a Mac like mine, using the OS versions I have, or perhaps had had the same problem but found a solution. Am I the only person who cannot run this version of the software even though the previous version ran??? That seems like an appropriate question for ordinary users.

MacBook Pro late 2013 macOS 10.14 (current Beta)
Mac Pro (late 2013) macOS 10.13.6 (current)

Firstly raise a technical support request outlining the symptoms and remember you won’t get support for Beta OS’s

also explain what you mean by will not ‘load fully’, a screen shot would help.

We’ve updated A.I. Gigapixel to 1.1.2, so please give that version a try.

Also, @aidon is correect, we do not support Beta OSes. That being said, my personal 2015 MacBook Pro 13" i5 machine running the 10.14 beta has no trouble with A.I. Gigapixel, though it is slow to process, currently.


I installed 1.1.2 on my Mac Pro (running High Sierra 10.13.6), rebooted, and A.I. Gigapixel still does not run. This computer has 32GB of RAM, and two AMD FirePro D300 2048MB graphics processors.

When I say, “does not run”, I mean that the program starts to load, the GigaPixel icon appears on the Dock, and then after a few seconds the icon disappears and nothing further occurs. Occasionally loading the program will go farther, and a message box appears on the screen (not an error message) before everything disappears. There are no error messages, nor is there a crash report that I can find in the usual location on disk.


SUCCESS!! I discovered that Gigapixel 1.1.2 runs on both the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro if I change the permissions on the relevant Topaz directory (and everything in it) so that I am given read/write permission. I also made myself the ‘owner’ when it was offered as an option.

One computer was running macOS 10.13.6, and the other 10.14. I have no idea how or why I was not given read/write permission for the program, which seems to be common with many but not all programs.

I also discovered that Topaz Studio would not run on the Mac Pro until I gave myself read/write permission to the folder and app. So the issue is not unique to Gigapixel.

If Topaz stand-alone programs need read & write access to themselves and/or their subdirectories, perhaps they should check that when loading, and give an informative error message if necessary.

We do some permission changes when we install, but the installer won’t prevent other apps or services from changing permissions on the directories after the installation is completed. We used to have a LOT of trouble with permissions on older products, but I haven’t heard of this problem recently (not since 10.11, really). I’ve been running 10.13 and 10.14 side by side on two MBPs for about 3 months now, and haven’t encountered a permission problem. Then again, not all system configurations are the same. I’m glad you were able to get the permissions corrected, but I’ll check with the deployment side to see if we’re overlooking something. Thanks!