AI Gigabit Update 1.0.2 & RAW Conversions

Just updated to 1.0.2 and there is still terrible degradation of the image when starting from a RAW image compared to a JPEG. Side by side comparison of the results is remarkably different - the results from the RAW image are washed out and flat and, since there is no RAW output, this is now baked into the image.

It is a known issue with RAW conversions that is being worked on.

Note that there is no way you can have “RAW Output” as RAW Data is sensor data from your camera and not an image.

Don -

I’m well aware of that. What I’m saying is that, since there can be no RAW output, to have such a change in the image, which would then be baked in, it’s not usable. Since there was an update, I wanted to test this again and it still fails.