AI Focus performance

I just tried AI Focus on a Dell Precision laptop with an Intel® Core™ Processor i9-9980HK CPU and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 w/6GB GDDR6 GPU with 6GB GDDR6 RAM. When I clicked the Apply button on a 30MB photo it took six minutes to process. That seems incredibly slow on fast PC. Is that typical of the other Topaz AI products? I was thinking of trying Denoise AI because a friend has demonstrated very good results with AI Clear which, unfortunately, is no longer available. However, if Denoise AI is as slow as Focus AI I won’t waste my time. Thanks for any insight.

I found an old panorama TIF that’s a bit over 70Mb, dragged it into SharpenAI and did a SaveAs at the default Sharpen mode and it took about 20 seconds. I then tried it with default Focus mode and it took about 90-100 seconds.

It took about 15 seconds total to start AdjustAI, load the same image, pick a preset, and save the result.

I’ve got a 2Gb GTX1050 with i5 CPU and 32Gb RAM on Windows 10. Seems like your system should be faster than mine.

I tried again using Sharpen AI as a filter from within Photoshop and the default settings and it to 60 seconds on a 30MB photo. I can’t get Sharpen AI to launch as a stand-alone app. I think I need to uninstall and reinstall.

What type of image: jpeg, TIFF, png or raw?

The image was raw.

RAW will take longer than others because it will need to be converted. What you see on the screen for the preview is a small portion of the RAW image with the settings applied. But, six minutes is way over on my i7/GTX1050 4GB takes about 1 minute+.

You probably have dual GPUs on your system so you will need to allocate Sharpen AI to use the NVIDIA High Performance GPU in the Control Panel… go to Manage 3D settings, Program settings and add the application to use the High performance NVIDIA processor.

AI-Clear is still available as a processing mode in AI-DeNoise as well as a filter in Studio-2.


PS By AI Focus do you mean the Focus triad mode of AI-Sharpen? Technically, there is no product called AI Focus, afaik.

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