AI face improvements and better smart focus

Hi there - Most of your customers are probably photographers, so maybe my use case is not a priority. What I really need from a tool like this is a way of improving faces of humans. Both small and large. Let’s start with the large ones: The face enhancer treats skin and eyes and eyelashes the same way and there is really no good way of getting clear pupils and lashes (light and dark) at the same time as fixing the complexion of a subject. The eyes need natural sharpness - not the graphic looking style I am getting. The skin needs just a touch, not flat skin that looks fake. The eyes are always most important because that is where people look most, but in good second place is the facial features. These two cannot be treated the same way because it introduces blur and sharpness is lost. Flat faces look very AI fake. For smaller faces - when a model is full body and the surroundings take up a lot of space, the focus still needs to be on the face and it needs to be prioritized when it comes to pixel clarity. I think one idea feature could be to be able to select what should be in focus or priority - like a focal dot that can be set in any image. For AI generated images that need that little extra, there needs to be more of a true upscale rather than what I get today with “blobs” and “strikes”. Using the sharpness does not help at all, because it creates really ugly artifacts in the image. Thank you

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

I would also recommend checking your default settings for Face Recovery by checking through the menubar option Preferences > Autopilot > Face Recovery

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